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Capital Management Club Goals​​


Help club members learn more about the challenges of investing in stocks by actively researching potential investment ideas and presenting their conclusions to the club.


Facilitate networking opportunities with investment industry professionals through guest speakers, company visits, and other professional interactions.


Help prepare members to successfully network, apply, and interview for opportunities with the Hawk Center such as AEMR and ASAP, as well as other internships and full-time positions in high finance through our Career Development Program.  


Create opportunities for students to get more familiar with investment industry research services like Factset and Bloomberg.


Serve as a connection point for students to industry job opportunities.


Provide social opportunities for members to get to know one another.

Turning involvement into engagement...

Wall Street Prep Training Day 1 8.29.19.jpg
Bloomberg Training.jpg
CMC Baird Talk.jpg

Associate Members

After dues are paid, Associate Members are...

  • Eligible to attend weekly club meetings: alternating General Meetings and Training Sessions

  • Eligible to attend all professional and social events 

  • Provided access to club resources and a FactSet license (a financial data research platform) to be utilized in CMC training sessions

  • Added to the email list where they will receive notifications of relevant job opportunities

  • Provided with the opportunity to form a team of 3-5 people and pitch a stock under the guidance of a Portfolio Analyst in our Associate Member Pitch Competition for a cash prize of $100, $50, and $25 per teammate

Portfolio Analysts

After an Associate Member has participated in the Associate Member Pitch Competition, they are eligible to sign up for a solo pitch. Those who have completed a high-quality solo pitch are invited to interview to become a PA. If accepted, PAs...

  • Have all benefits of Associate membership 

  • Are highest priority for participation in optional events

  • Can use designation "Portfolio Analyst" on resume

  • Have the ability to vote on stock pitches

  • Mentor Associate Members throughout the completion of their group pitch

  • Have relevant leadership and investment experience to speak to in interviews 

Career Development Program

Open to BOTH Associate Members and Portfolio Analysts, members will be invited to join the Career Development Program. This program...

  • Is geared towards freshman and sophomores (but open to all!)

  • Teaches you the steps you need to take to land an internship or full-time offer in high finance 

  • Shows you a strategy that will maximize your chances of success regardless of desired "path" within finance

  • Prepares you for opportunities available through the Hawk Center for Investment Analysis, like the Applied Equity Market Research (AEMR) and Applied Security and Analysis (ASAP) programs


Joining and the Application Process

  • Who is club membership open to?
    Any UW-Madison student can become an Associate Member of the Capital Management Club.
  • How often does the club meet?
    The club meets Tuesdays from 5:30-7pm in Grainger Hall starting the second Tuesday of each semester. The meetings alternate weekly starting with General Meetings and alternating with Training Sessions. Career Development Program meetings are held on Thursdays bi-weekly for four weeks starting the same week as the first training sessions. Additional meetings are on an ad hoc basis to accomodate guest speaker schedules.
  • How much does membership cost?
    Membership costs $20 per semester, payable to the club Treasurer by the second week of each new semester or within two weeks of joining the club. Membership dues are the same regarless of your level of involvement (Associate Member/Portfolio Analyst/Career Development Program).
  • How do I join as an Associate Member?
    To join as an Assocaite Member, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Namely, pay dues and navigate to the Log In/Sign Up page to fill out the registration form and create a website account. Wait for approval to be added to the email list and granted access to our memebers only pages where you can find our club calendar, pitches, and additional resources.
  • How do Associate Members become Portfolio Analysts?
    Portfolio Analyst designation is awarded to Associate Members after completion of the CMC training program (typically five training sessions), participation in the Associate Member Pitch Competition, the completion of at least one solo pitch, and a successful interview with the club leadership that demonstrates an understanding of key investing concepts and the components of a successful pitch. We encourage everyone to take the next steps to getting involved. Please reach out to Jake Shefchik ( our Pitch Logisitcs chair for questions about pitching.
  • How do I join the Career Development Program?
    All members are welcomed and encouraged to attend the Career Development Program meetings. If you are a current CMC member interested in attending, please fill out the interest form located as a dropdown under "Current Members". These meetings are in addition to the regular weekly club programming.
  • What is AEMR?
    Typically taken in your junior or senior year, AEMR is an investment-focused class designed to teach students many of the practical skills necessary to research, analyze, and pitch equity securities as long investments and/ or short sales. The curriculum is delivered in modules related to specific steps in the analytical process with each module led by one of three investment professionals. Areas of emphasis include business model assessment, key stock driver analysis, financial statement modeling and forecasting, field research, stock valuation, and articulating an investment thesis. Applications for this class can be located here and open January 25th, closing February 15th.
  • What is ASAP?
    The Applied Security Analysis Program is designed for UW–Madison undergraduates and adds a fifth year of study for business and economics students. Upon completion of this program, you graduate with both a BBA degree in finance and a Master of Science degree in finance, investment, and banking. The program also helps equip you to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I exam after your senior year and the CFA Level II exam following graduation. The program has an outstanding track record, with 100 percent of students placed in internships and 100 percent accepting job offers within three months of graduation. Applications for this class can be located here and open January 25th, closing February 15th.
Joining and the Application Process

What we're up to...

On February 17th, CMC's CFA Research Challenge team won the Milwaukee Chapter of the CFA Research Challenge, analyzing and writing an investment research report on Johnson Outdoors (JOUT).  The team’s presentation also received top marks.  The members of the winning team include CMC members Meerah Thompson, Charlie Forbes, Terjuan Short and Matt Wadhwa.  The team will next compete in the regional round of the challenge on March 31st.

CFA Institute Research Challenge_CMYK.jpg

On February 18th and 19th, four of our members represented CMC at the University of Texas at Austin for this stock pitch competition featuring teams from top institutions across the nation.
"In preparation for this event, my team leaned heavily on the knowledge we gained through training sessions taught by our faculty advisor, Greg Edwards. We were also able to lean on our connections with upperclassman in the club for advice. More than anything, without CMC, we would not have had this great opportunity to gain exposure to national competitions, and build functional and meaningful relationships with students and judges from across the nation."
- Jake Rivard

2022 Texas Stock Pitch Competition

Logan Rehwinkel, Jake Rivard,
Michael Tiffany, Sam Fischer

How to Join:

All members of CMC get access to a Factset license as part of their club membership.  This platform and research service is used in the CMC training sessions and is provided from Hawk Center funding for the purpose of student learning. Please follow the instructions below to pay dues and sign up for the club.
Reminder: Dues are $20 per semester and include your Factset license

1. Venmo $20 or bring cash/check to our Treasurer Ethan Shefchik at one of the first club meetings. Note: If you need financial assistance, please reach out to our Treasurer directly at

2. Click the Log In/Sign Up button in the top right-hand corner. Where it says "New to this site?" click "Sign up" fill out the required information and wait for approval. You will get an email confirmation when approved. During the school year, wait times may vary for website approval. Please reach out to a member of the executive board with questions.

Register Here
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